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Meet the Woman Behind our Operations – Kate De Cesare

Top right corner: Kate with the former Director of Operations Mr Edward Fenech and his wife Antoinette

Top right corner: Kate with the former Director of Operations Mr Edward Fenech and his wife Antoinette


Kate De Cesare, Eden Leisure Group’s Director of Operations, has been a part of ELG from ever since she can remember and it is safe to say that she knows the Company inside and out. If anyone from ELG had to describe Kate in one word, it would have to be ‘driven’. With the kind of experience and passion she has for the industry, how can you not?

She has talked the talk, and definitely walked the walk!

“My very first job with Eden Leisure Group was in 1991 as a breakfast waitress at Bamboo Bar in Paceville for the summer.  I tried my hand in various positions for most summers until I graduated from University. I was a telephonist, a receptionist, a marketing assistant … but I officially started working in June 2000 and looked after the IMAX Theatre. I soon after moved into the marketing department as well.”

If you had to work without a question of money, what would you choose to do?

“I have a rather long list, including: saving the planet; painting whatever inspires me; producing theatrical productions and acting in them; and volunteer work.”

If you could go back 20 years in your career, what advice would you give yourself?

“It’s the same advice as I give my kids, choose a path that makes you happy and makes you look forward to the day ahead.”

What 3 books would we find in your bookshelf at home?

“The Psychopath Test which I’m currently reading; lots of Ben Elton and Ken Follet books. My reading interests vary quite a bit from science to fiction – I got hooked on Ken Follet after reading Pillars of the Earth, after that, I never went back.”

What do you find most challenging about your role?

“Balancing the different hats I wear in operations and property management for the various business units.”

If you could dis-invent one thing, what would it be?

“Plastic. Definitely. Without a shadow of a doubt”

How do you wind down after work?

“Quality time with my family, tennis and a glass of Gin &Tonic.”

If you had to work in one of the business units at ELG, which would it be and why?’

“89.7 Bay because every day is a party!  (At least, that’s the way it looks like from where I’m sitting)

What piece of professional advice resonates most with you?

“Treat others as you want to be treated.  Anyone in contact with you or your business deserves to be treated with respect, be it your colleagues, employees, clients or customers.  This will result in your company being able to boast a happy and rewarding work environment; a more motivated team; having a positive reputation; being helpful and delivering results while being courteous.”

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