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   On Screen Advertising

Impact like no other! Research shows that 89% of cinemagoers watch cinema on-screen advertising. What's more, being an opt-in medium, cinema advertising captivates the audience in an open frame of mind, getting their undivided attention. Whatever you want to advertise, your on-screen commercial will benefit from the unique, premium look and feel of the big screen environment creating a real impact and an enhanced brand experience.


Why advertise with Eden Cinemas? We have:

  13 cinema screens

  5 shows on each screen per day

  Approx. 7000 customers per week


Advertise in the heart of St Julian’s on our front lit billboard, prominently located next to Eden Cinemas. With ample passing traffic at all times of the day and night, your advert would gain extensive exposure. The full length of the billboard measures 8.68m (Length) x 5.30m (Height). Should you wish to have a smaller space, the billboard may also be split into 2 banners measuring 9.34m (length) x 5.30m (height) each.


Deliver bright and vibrant outdoor advertising through our LED screen with the option for both static and moving adverts. An effective way to catch the eye of passing traffic.


Lobby cinema advertising is a great way to reach a massive audience in an engaging environment. When people visit the cinema they feel good, which makes them even more receptive to your advertising message in the lobby.

   Leaflets & Samples

Whether you want to target a specific market or deliver a message to everyone, leafleting and sampling may be an ideal part of your campaign. Depending on how widespread you would like your campaign to be, leaflets and samples may be distributed to a specific cinema audience, watching a particular movie or movie genre, or they may be distributed to all walk-ins.

   Cash Rolls

As part of your sales and promotions campaign, advertising on the back of our cinema cash rolls can help you to attract new customers and encourage repeat purchases, and ultimately increase brand awareness and product sales.

   Website Banners

With substantial online traffic to our webpage, advertising on our website can be the boost you need for your campaign, leading to increased brand awareness and building your user base. Contact us for more information and rates on our banner advertising.